Homeschooling- Why It Is Better

This post is all dedicated to all the reasons why homeschooling is better. Attached is a site that I found that lists 50 reasons why homeschooling is better and listed are the first 25.

  1. Start whatever time you want
  2. End what ever time you want
  3. Condensed learning time
  4. Take breaks whenever
  5. Learn whatever they want
  6. No standardized testing
  7. Free from negative influences
  8. Free from questionable curriculum
  9. Free from questionable teaching
  10. Safe from bullies
  11. Safe from school violence
  12. Family centered
  13. No extra homework
  14. No assembly line learning
  15. Embrace child’s individuality
  16. Learn at their own pace
  17. Use bathroom whenever they want
  18. Eat whenever they want
  19. No morning rush
  20. No after school frenzy
  21. No after school enrichment program
  22. No fundraisers
  23. No expensive school pictures
  24. No stacks of papers to be signed
  25. No unexcused absences



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